Double Tap Trigger for B&T Guns

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Double Tap Trigger for B&T Guns

Post by Maj_Hardware » 10 Feb 2018, 20:56

Hey guys!

As B&T USA continues to import more firearms into the US, we're going to see a number of after market parts come out for them. One such product is a binary trigger. Double Tap has these that fit most of the imported B&T models (I don't think there is one for the KH9). At the time of this writing, I think they are the only manufacturer that has one to market.


There is no 3rd mode, which means you are committed to a release fire unless you drop the mag and work the action manually - all while holding the trigger down.

In addition that safety issue, they have no ATF determination letter. The 'legal' section of their website just copied the US code definition of a machine gun. Franklin Armory's first attempt at a binary trigger was rejected and is similar to DT's design (check out the Double Tap review on TFB; the Franklin video is embedded there). Given that, I highly doubt that DT's trigger would get a positive determination. From a legal standpoint, it's only a matter of time until the ATF figures out how to make this thing shoot automatically and come after the manufacturer and customer list.

Be safe folks - both operationally and legally.

If you are a rep from DoubleTab and have any issues - I'll redact my last part once you have an ATF determination for your specific product. PM me.

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